My book

Codename: Jumping Spider

Codename: Jumping Spider cover

About the book

In the small town of Tirjuan, a series of murders has been taking place. Girls have gone missing mysteriously, only to be found dead with no apparent cause of death. Three years later, the local authorities are no closer to finding out who the serial killer is. The investigation into these unsolved murders continues as more names are added to the list of victims.

Now the unsolved murder cases of Tirjuan have been brought to the attention of the National Security Secret Service. The NSSS, now taking over the investigation, decides to bring in one of their finest agents to handle these unsolved mysteries. Ironically, this was the home town of Special Agent Catherine Nelson, code name Jumping Spider, filled with her past associates and memories. She possesses a sharp and almost unparalleled acuity, but will it be enough for her to take down a serial killer who might be hiding among her trusted ones?

Why a jumping spider?

The jumping spider is believed to be one of the smartest spiders out there. Its acute eyesight and powerful leaping skills, when combined with its incredible instincts and ability to patiently plot ahead when hunting, enable it to become one of the most exceptional and terrifying hunters.

Like the jumping spider, the protagonist of my story operates based on her remarkable acuity and abilities to plan ahead and lure her targets into exposing themselves for the crimes they’ve committed. Instead of following the conventional ways in solving crimes, Catherine Nelson breaks cases with her unusual perceptions of the human behaviour and catches criminals by using daring and (sometimes) twisted methods of her own.

Interested in reading it?

This book has been published and is now available as a paperback and an e-book. Check out Amazon or Partridge Singapore online bookstore to see if you can grab a copy!

You can also find it here on Wattpad.

A sequel?

My sister and some friends have been encouraging me to write a sequel to this story and, perhaps, start a ‘Codename’ series. However, seeing as how I have yet come up with an idea for a sequel, the answer to this question would most probably be ‘no’. Keyword: probably. (Nothing’s definite yet. 😉 )


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