That They May Be One

May we be one
Church of Christ. These are Your children
Called, chosen, commissioned to love
Set apart for greatness, sent forth to serve as
Disciples of hope, joy and mercy

To be leaven, salt, light, witnesses to the
World – witnesses of a long-told story
Of a child who was born

To die, of a man who carried the world upon
His shoulder, of a king most just and gentle, of
A God who entered this world
To be glorified on a cross.

This is our story, one that echoes in our every
Heartbeat, every prayer, every laughter, every sigh,
Every footstep as we march into war.
Yes, this is our battle-song, one that we gladly cry.

May we be one
Army of God, mighty and victorious, for
Your children will not be defeated. May we

Be one with the crucified Christ, to be vulnerable yet
Empowered as wounded healers of today.

Ours will be a generation most diverse, most afflicted, but
Nonetheless united in faith, just as the man on the cross has
Envisioned for all His children: that they may be one.

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