On Friendship

Once in a while
It comes by
Catching you off guard –
Often a pleasant surprise
Sometimes a burst of excitement
Sometimes a heartfelt moment
Once in a while
A little flower seeking a new home.

It buds – unnoticed
Grows quietly
Blossoms under shades
Its beauty rarely appreciated
The depth of its roots unmeasured.

In due time, it bows out
Just as humbly – its farewell
Often without warning, always too soon
Leaving no time for its roots to be perfectly unearthed.
Even with its withering petals in sight,
It seems only fitting
Awaiting its rightful time
Rather than killing it
Making a messing of its deathbed.

After goodbye,
Its remnants remain –
Invisible to the mind
Too deep within the heart
Etched into the soul.

In the face of denial
They fester
Bitterness becomes poison
Splinters frozen in place.
Only with acceptance
Can they dissolve into
Bittersweet memories
Haunting echoes
Eventually a faint whisper in the wind.

Human friendship
May promise eternity
But people come and go
Some of their own accord
Others owing to nature.

Loss is inevitable
Its pain inescapable
If you had
Truly known
Really felt



Photo by bekassine... (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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