When Darkness Befalls

The clock tower chimes
ten times, warning of
the inevitable – the coming
of the end.
The moon has hidden itself
behind the clouds, leaving
the world outside
still and dark.

A storm is coming.
The wind is blowing,
gliding across still waters
creeping up on the trees
whistling – a sudden gust – then howling
pulling at leaves
pushing the trees
stirring the stillness and darkness.

A single drop falls
then one more
and another
and another,
beating down on cold hard concrete
clawing at wild waves
seeping through walls and cracks.
The storm has come.

Amidst the chaos,
a battered soul
stands alone
fighting another battle of survival.
The storm will pass
the end will come
just as they’ve had in the many battles from before.
It only needs to hang on till then.

it isn’t an easy quest – this battle
with sin and guilt.
Guilt is a strange, strange thing.
’tis the Devil’s sword
that strikes off healing;
also Conscience’s shield
against further sins.

Kindle ablaze this dwindling hope.
Soon shall be the time to rest
the storm will end
so until then
fight! – be it to lose or to win.
After the end will a new chapter begin.
The sun will rise again.

Photo by pedro alves (CC BY 2.0)

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